Tuesday, February 22, 2005

No More Whining, Jimmy-Jeff!

James D. Guckert/Jeff Gannon (again, hereafter referred to as Jimmy-Jeff), you have only yourself to blame. Same goes for Republicans crying foul at Jimmy-Jeff’s “outing” by activist John Aravosis of Americablog.org and the Kossacks at DailyKos.com as well as others from Left, Blogsylvania. And now to add more gasoline to the flame (pun intended), Jimmy-Jeff is threatening litigation against said bloggers – for among other things, political assassination.

I’m shocked, Jimmy-Jeff, completely dumbfounded by your audacity. First of all, I wasn’t aware that you were a politician – which is sort of a pre-requisite for someone to “politically assassinate” someone else. Remember, Jimmy-Jeff, you are/were a male prostitute – neither a politician nor a reporter/journalist, although nowadays it’s tough to know the players without a program. You are/were the “top” that doesn’t/didn’t “leave marks, just impressions.” Remember? Second of all, you’re a Bush insider. Boy, if that phrase doesn’t have a new meaning! You should be the last person to threaten a frivolous lawsuit – given the Administration’s stand on tort reform, and all. But then again, this is the most hypocritical of administrations.

The real story behind all of this, of course, is those Left-wing bloggers picking on a gay man who has seen the Right-of-day, and simply wanted to pursue a dream of being a responsible journalist, only to be outed, by said bloggers, for his past transgressions. Past – as in the websites that advertised his non-journalistic services only became “history” a short while ago. Meaning it seems he was still peddling those non-journalistic services even while pursuing his journalistic aspirations. Kind of gives new meaning to the “hardest working man in journalism” phrase, huh?

The lapdogs in the White House Press Corp behave like my own dogs waiting for treat when it comes to the Bush Administration. They pant and wag their tails, gleefully awaiting a little morsel of Bush Administration BS. They are complicit even when Bush spits in their collective faces by planting Jimmy-Jeff amongst them and giving him exclusives they could only dream of getting.

We do owe the White House Press Corp and the mainstream media a bit of an apology, though. Jimmy-Jeff isn’t the only whore in question, but he is getting all the attention. Sorry, Mainstream Media. In my opinion, most of them are whores who sold themselves and the American public out by their complicity and complacency towards the Bush Administration. Not asking the tough questions is just as reprehensible as Jimmy-Jeff’s “softball” questions.

To be fair, not all of the mainstream media (MSM) have ignored this story. Keith Olbermann of MSNBC’s Countdown program seems to be the last remaining TV journalist seeking to report the truth. He was one of only a few mainstream voices reporting about the voter irregularities of our last election sham. He remains one of the only – if not the only – MSM journalists reporting the Jimmy-Jeff affair with any degree of objectivity. I remember back around the time when President Bush was selected for his first term, Olbermann was still doing sports and was posed the question: “Hey, Keith, will George W. Bush do for America what he did for the Texas Rangers?” to which Olbermann’s response was: “What do you mean, sell it?”

How prophetic Mr. Olbermann’s quip was, for that is exactly what George W. Bush is doing to America – selling it out. Selling out our democracy with questionable elections; selling out our economy by insisting on tax cuts for the wealthy while spending uncontrollably; selling out Medicare/Medicaid by trying to hide the real costs and real beneficiaries (pharmaceutical companies) of his plan; selling out Social Security by claiming it has problems that it truly does not; and so on; and so on.

But those are real issues and we have a sex scandal in the White House to distract us. The sex part isn’t the real story but it is a significant part of it. One does not need to be a psychic or a rocket scientist to conclude that the only way for someone of Jimmy-Jeff’s background to gain the access he had to the West Wing was via some sort of hanky-panky. The only other alternative is complete incompetence by the Secret Service. I’m gonna put my money on the former.

As for Jimmy-Jeff? Quit your belly-achin’! You’re getting your 15 minutes of fame, which should do wonders for your day job… or is it a night job? Either way, you’re getting a lot of free publicity, Jimmy-Jeff. Since your fake-journalism gig fell through, you’ve got your other profession to fall back on. I’m sure you’ve got some pretty high-falutin’ references too! Be sure to include those on your resume’, Jimmy-Jeff. Look how well it worked out for Monica Lewinsky.


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